Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Install the Latest Display Facebook News Feed On Your Browser

Facebook_News_Feed   Nowadays the majority of people already have a Facebook account you can make them stay connected with their acquaintances. Since its launch, Facebook has experienced a lot of great changes one being discussed today is the birth of Facebook Home App for Android users. Besides a lot of changes concerning the display, including Facebook News Feed, New Timeline, New Layout, and so in the year 2013.
One of the latest look up which is expected to be launched also in 2013 this is New Facebook News Feed where there will be black bars on the left sidebar News Feed page. Wait some more time to apply it to our Facebook team. But if you can not wait to experience the new look of Facebook, I will help you.A few days ago Google Chrome launches applications that can change the look of your Facebook News Feed becomes more elegant look. This application can be installed in just one click and can only be used in Google Chrome. If you are a lover of Facebook and want this application, you simply install it in your browser. View the latest Facebook News Feed roughly like this:

facebook news feed terbaru

How to Install the Facebook News Feed in Your Browser

     Please open your Google Chrome browser
     Click the link below will open a new tab

Facebook News Feed Application

     After the new page appears, simply click the Add To Chrome in the top right corner.

instal aplikasi facebook news feed

Setelah itu muncul kotak dialog seperti di bawah ini. Klik saja tombol Add untuk menginstal aplikasinya.

instal new facebook news feed

It will not take long this app will be installed in your google chrome browser.

     Please login to your Facebook account and see the changes that the new News Feed.

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